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Many of today's cars, especially luxury cars, come with leather car seats. The material lasts a long time, looks elegant, and honestly, there is nothing quite like slipping into your car and feeling the smooth cool leather beneath you. Unfortunately, leather cannot be cleaned the way you would other car seats, with shampoo and water. You need the right tools and the know how to properly clean leather car seats.  

  1. Remove the Seat
    If you are pretty savvy with car tools, you should be able to get the seats out of the car, especially if you are working with bucket seats or the front seats. Getting them out of the car will help you clean it better. Plus, the seats can dry outdoors, and not in the car, which will lessen the chances of mold growing on the leather because it didn't dry properly.
  2. Leather Cleaner
    First, you need to get the right type of cleaner for your leather. Most cars will have protected leather, which is the kind often used in furniture. However, before getting just any cleaner, you may want to ask your car manufacturer if they recommend a specific brand or if they have a specialized cleaner for their seats.
  3. Test the Cleaner
    Make sure you perform a spot test with the cleaner. Some cleaners can damage the seat, causing discoloration. So make sure you do a spot test on a small spot that isn't easily seen. Simply work the cleaner into the spot and wait for the results. If nothing changes, except for the fact that the seat looks cleaner, then you can proceed with the rest of the car.
  4. Clean in Sections
    Work on each seat in sections. This will help you clean it thoroughly. Follow the instructions indicated on your chosen cleaner, but make sure you use a soft cloth or rag. Soft cleaning tools are the best for leather. For particularly dirty seats or for bad stains, use a toothbrush with soft bristles. The gentle scrubbing action will help the cleaner penetrate into the leather and lift any embedded dirt.


If you don't know how to clean your leather car seat, you have a good chance of ruining it completely. So make sure you follow the steps discussed as well as read the cleaning instructions that come with your car's manual. Try to clean your car's interior at least twice a year as this will help the leather last longer and continue looking brand new.

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