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  • How to Service a Car

    0 comments / Posted on by Olu Okusanya

    Car servicing is something that every auto owner has to indulge in at least some time of the year. The best method to service your car is to go to your car service station and have the servicing done methodically; according to your car maker. Consider this. You car is up and running smoothly but the mileage figures...

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  • How to Clean Leather Car Seats

    0 comments / Posted on by Olu Okusanya

    Many of today's cars, especially luxury cars, come with leather car seats. The material lasts a long time, looks elegant, and honestly, there is nothing quite like slipping into your car and feeling the smooth cool leather beneath you. Unfortunately, leather cannot be cleaned the way you would other car seats, with shampoo and water....

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  • Essential Auto Tools

    0 comments / Posted on by Olu Okusanya

    They say "better be safe than sorry"; the question is how to be safe? Well, to be prepared is the answer. In this world full of uncertainties, you never know when you may face a demanding situation. When it comes to automobiles, anything can go wrong without notice; this is why it is extremely important to carry all...

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